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韓兆中熱衷研究香港非物質文化遺產—廣瓷的文化,從傳統元素發展出當代藝術,探索新舊文化的關係和可塑性, 重新詮釋成個人獨特的風格。


He is passionate in the study of cultural values ​​of the Hong Kong intangible cultural heritage of Guangcai to transform the art form into contemporary art, based on traditional elements. By exploring the relationship and possibilities of old and new cultures, he reinterprets the elements into his own unique style.

The work originated from the Yuet Tung China Works, which was founded in 1928. Guangcai witnessed the changes in the Hong Kong era, and this process was included in one of Hong Kong's intangible cultural heritage.

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